Hi and welcome to my blog!

So, a little about me…

I am a mother of two boys (currently aged 2 and 3), and wife to my handsome hubby, Lance.  Although I previously trained and worked as an occupational therapist (“a what?!” I hear you say),  I am currently a stay-at-home mum, trying to keep myself sane by throwing myself into my various hobbies and interests.

These include:  photography – mainly my family, but in particular the boys and their antics;  baking and cooking – I am currently on a mission to get our family eating  healthily, trying more varied meals and to cure the boys’ fussy eating habits;  bargain hunting/ upcycling – I am a real sucker for ‘junk’ shops, charity shops and car boot sales, where I might find a gem of a chair that just needs a lick of paint…;  sewing – mainly interiors so far, such as curtains and cushions, but I am starting to dabble in other areas and thinking about making clothes;  jewellery making – which I sell in a local gift shop and any other craft that takes my fancy.  Lance and I are also keen lindy hoppers  (an early swing dance that evolved from the Charleston in the 30’s and 40’s) and we go out once or twice a week to our local lindy hopping scene in Oxford.

Lance and I are practising Catholics (yes, the “C-word”, as I’ve heard before) and have, since having our youngest son, been using The Billings Ovulation Method (BOM), as a method of natural family planning.  Following its success for us over the last 2 years and after becoming increasingly aware that many women really struggle with choosing a family planning/contraceptive method that suits them, I decided to train to become a teacher in the BOM. I hope to help spread the word about this method, which essentially gives women the knowledge about their cycle and body that really, I think, all women should know (have a look at my Billings Method page in you are interested in learning more).

I am an insanely active person and somehow manage to squeeze all of these things, by some measure, into a typical week; fitting them around looking after, and playing with, two very boisterous and superhero-obsessed boys – it has its challenges!! So, this blog is a little attempt at documenting all of these hobbies and interests I have built up over the last few years and hopefully inspiring you to do them too.

Your life really doesn’t have to pause for 18 years when you have children!